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Administrative Leaders and School Counselors

Building on Theories, Standards, and Experiences for Optimal Mental Health Collaboration

This practice-based text offers a roadmap to optimal collaboration for all school leaders – including counselors, superintendents, principals, and university faculty – to provide the best mental health outcomes for students.

Administrative Leaders and School Counselors is a timely publication that creatively and cohesively authenticates the relationship between administrative leaders and school counselors. In order to systemically promote mental health consciousness and considerations for school counselors as practitioners and in training, collaboration among school leaders is essential for comprehensive school counseling programs, practices, funding, partnerships, and services designed for students. The first to feature perspectives from a diverse set of leadership positions in schools, the book provides individuals with exposure to educational leadership models and decisions that impact the roles of school counselors.

The book will appeal to faculty who are teaching and training those who are or will ultimately be working as professional school counselors, counseling psychologists, or educational leaders such as principals, directors, department chairs, and superintendents.

1-Minute Encouragers

for School Staff

1-Minute Encouragers for School Staff is a unique staff-support booster for any school (PK-12). The program consists of a leader's guide, and staff handbooks for teachers and support personnel. Additional handbooks and leader's guides may be purchased separately.

The handbooks contain 70 brief encouraging reads, each followed by discussion questions. These one-minute encouragers are intended to be read and then discussed at the start of any team, school-wide, or department meeting. In addition, the handbooks contain four QR codes, one for each section. These codes provide access to other readings and resources, and deeper insights that are periodically updated to supplement this program.

The intention of this program is to help all staff to improve their ability to survive, thrive and help build a more supportive school community. 

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