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Professional School Counselors (PSCs) are equipped and poised with a unique skill set of knowledge and experiences. Oftentimes, in schools, PSCs are the lone person(s) with knowledge of guidance curriculum, individual planning, responsive services, and systems support. These four areas of knowledge exist in crisis intervention plans, processes and supports, assistance with mental and behavioral health concerns, individual and group counseling, guidance and advisory lessons, evaluation, post-secondary readiness, CCMR (college, career, military readiness), etc. Based on this unique skill set, CEU requirements of PSCs also differ from those of principals, superintendents and teachers. The Texas Model for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs (5th Edition) - Texas Education Code [TEC] §§33.005-33.007 includes a specific focus on PSC leadership and advocacy. The Leadership WISE Academy is an opportunity for PSC Leaders to gain the additional tools needed to lead their teams and district.

The PSC Leadership Academy is a complete school year long system of coaching and support from Dr. Ernest Cox and Dr. Natalie Fikac. Drs Cox and Fikac have built and led comprehensive school counseling programs at the district level and have also served in the capacity of Counselor Educator at the university level.  

it is:


This unique collaborative and supportive leadership opportunity includes training in the areas of:

  • Dare to Lead
  • Daring Teams Rollout Program
  • Professional School Counselor
    Leader Identity
  • Self-Preservation and Self-Compassion
  • Wellness & Resiliency
  • Building Comprehensive School Mental
    Health Systems
  • Multi Tiered Systems of Supports (MTSS)
    and supporting the work Professional School
  • Counselors
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Comprehensive Guidance &
    Counseling Design
  • Comprehensive Guidance &
    Counseling Handbook
  • Crisis Intervention Plans
  • Professional School Counselor Supervision
  • Professional School Counselor Evaluation
  • Ethics & Law

If you are an aspiring PSC Leader, this would also be a perfect opportunity to sharpen your leadership skillset and develop tools to support your professional growth.

it's for:


This Leadership Academy is specifically designed for leaders that support Professional School Counselors. Titles might include: Lead Counselor, Directors of Guidance & Counseling, Coordinator of Guidance Services, Director of Mental Health and Student Support Services, etc.

The Leadership WISE three day in-person retreat will happen in September 2023 in Wimberley, Texas at C&J Retreat Center. We will host monthly meetings/trainings with each cohort virtually as well as virtual office hours for additional technical assistance and support.

Additionally, there will be meet-up and training opportunities available at the Lone Star School Counseling Conference (LSSCA) in November and Texas School Counseling Conference (TSCA) in February. There will be an end of the year three day in-person retreat at the conclusion of the 2023/2024 school year.

Reserve your spot soon - Seat Numbers are limited.


academy BEGINS AUGUST 1st, 2024

Our Why

Drs. Cox and Fikac have designed an academy and learning experiences that they wish that they would have had when they stepped into their first district level leadership roles supporting PSCs. PSC Leaders envelop and attain a certain set of tools and knowledge to lead their teams. Oftentimes, PSC leaders are the only ones on the campus and/or in the district that understand PSC roles. The educational system needs braver and 

more skilled leaders. With the increase in mental and behavioral health concerns of students and adults, and the additional demands placed on PSCs, the PSC Leader must be encouraged, equipped and empowered to do this heart-centered work. Our education system continues to transform, and the needs of our school communities continue to increase and evolve. The opportunity and need for effective leadership in school counseling has never been greater. Professional School Counselors have the unique opportunity to meet the needs of the whole child. Students need school counselors to be effective leaders who can create systemic change in schools.

encouraged, equipped and empowered for heart-centered work.


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